Wedding photographer Spain

1The Wedding photographer Spain. If, by describing Inaki Lungarán, we were only able to mention how easy he was to work with, the fantastic professional that he is, and the fact that he is an amazing, unique photographer, we would be doing him an injustice. He is all this, and much, much more. When we met him for the first time, straight away we realised that his work is different. Photography is his great passion in life, and even more so, wedding photography. Ever since that first meeting, he made us feel confident and reassured that we had found the right person to record every detail of the most important day of our lives. He helped us enjoy every moment of our special day, even making us laugh with the funny poses and situations he put us in. We will for ever have fond memories of us standing in a hay field in the countryside, as he tried to capture the forks of the lightening storm in the (thankful!) distance, in between our newly-wed embraces. Not every wedding photographer asks to take photos of the beginning of your Wedding Day preparations, right down to your last shower as a single man!!  These little details which he feels merit capture on such an occasion have already lead to international recognition of his fabulous work.

We learnt so much from Inaki Lungarán, and we laughed with him as much on our Wedding Day as we did on our first meeting in Madrid when he took our pre wedding photos, as indeed on our most recent meeting when he came to capture the beauty of the Irish landscape with us. We always felt comfortable around Inaki Lungarán. We could see straight away what a good person he was, and that was important to both of us. The care and pride that he took in his work can be clearly seen in the quality and artistic detail of his photos. As Inaki Lungarán himself said, each and every one of his couples become part of his own life, in the same way as Inaki Lungarán will be for ever part of ours. We will be forever grateful to Inaki Lungarán and his team for giving their all, and for giving us such precious memories of a day that for us, passed by in an instant. The wedding photographer Spain.

Gráinne and Jorge Mínguez

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